How to open a Current Account

How to open a Current Account

To open a current account, an introducer is required. The introducer must have the following criteria :-

- The introducer can be an individual or non-individual (eg. company, partnership, etc.) who maintains a current account with a bank for more than 12 months.

- Maintains good track record with no Biro Maklumat Cek offences.

- Must not be a bankrupt.

When opening a current account, you are required to fill up an Account Opening Application Form and request your introducer to sign in the introducer column accompanied with the Company's Rubber Stamp (if the introducer is a company).

Documents required to open a current accounts are as follows :

a) Individuals
- Identification Card/Passport of all individuals operating the account.
- For a non-resident individual, he/she must produce a valid work permit or a student pass/letter of referral from a college/institute.

b) Sole-Proprietorship/Partnership
- Business Registration Certificates (Form A & B)
- Business License (Form D)
- Identification Card/Passport of parties operating the account

c) Private Limited Companies
- Certificate of Incorporate
- Business License
- Memorandum & Articles of Association
- Latest Form 24 & Form 49 (Companies Act, 1965)
- Resolution of the Company's Board of Directors (duly certified by the Chairman and the Secretary of the Company) specifying:
- Appointment of Bank and Branch to open account.
- Names and specimen signatures of Officials/Directors.
- Method of signing (Mode of Operation) and endorsing cheques, bills and promissory notes.
- Authority to overdraw the account.
- Specimen of Chop or Rubber Stamp of the Company.
- Undertaking by the Company to notify the Bank via certified Resolution of all future changes affecting the Mandate.
- Identification Card/Passport of parties operating the account.

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